FCW is a Local organization dedicated to supporting YOUR art and music. If you are interested in purchasing one (1) or more of THE FAT CITY WILDCAT, please pick one up at This Ain't The Rosedale Library or The Beguiling, or you can email us at fatcitywildcat@gmail.com. We check our emails, believe it or not.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

be seen

Here are some photos from the FAT CITY WILDCAT release party. It was an amazing night, that went better then any of us could have expected and a big thanks goes out to everyone who came out! We really appreciate all the support and can't wait to get working on FCWC2!


  1. This was really a great zine launch/ opening/ party! congrats on getting it organizzed. Also the design of zine was quite zazzy. Is there going to be another one? and if so I was wondering are you accepting submissions?

  2. alert: density of hipsterism exceeds cognitive capacity, dissonance may occur.

  3. Andrew!

    We would love to have you in our next publication! I am so excited for it, we're in the process of looking for people right now. Fortunately we made enough to expand for the next issue, and are looking at taking on a few new artists. If you are interested, just email some drawings to tayacornett@hotmail.com. Your work is great, we may even have a centrefold available depending on the the way everything plays out.

    - Taya

  4. HEY! how do i become a contributor on this thing?
    Also: Oh, Jackson, very funny. I hope I get to see you in Ottawa over xmas!

  5. everyone is soooo funny looking! aaah!

  6. sorry i missed it looks like a hit!