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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now Accepting SUBMISSIONS for FCWC2

Greetings Comrades! I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

We are OFFICIALLY accepting submissions for FAT CITY WILDCAT II. We would love to include you. Would you like to include us?!

We are currently looking for :

- Any type of ARTISTS that would like to get involved. Even if your medium does not directly relate to a publication based collective, we would still love to work with you.

- Potential buyers of ADVERTISEMENT SPACE ( preferably the independent folk ) we will amp you up for a low cost* if we believe in your cause. Also, just so you know, every penny we make goes back into the publication. Cross my heart and hope to die.

- WRITERS: send us poetry, journalism, fiction, your little sisters diary entry. You want to say something? Send it.

- Send us some CONSTRUCTIVE CRIT! Did you have fun at our opening? What did you think of the publication? Do you have advice? WE WANT IT ALL. We are open to any ideas and I promise we will NOT take offense (unless offense is intended, in which case we will proceed to be offended). Tell us what you want to see, hear, read, taste, smell and we will try to supply it.

SEND MAIL TO fatcitywildcat@gmail.com

* We are not dirty capitalists chasing your dollars, the only reason we want to charge for ad space is because we want to be able to distribute more of the publication to a wider geographic demographic. We also want you to kick ass because we are all in this together. We would love gallery rental space and alternative support in any way. We have also come to the consensus that cookies are potentially acceptable as an alternative method of payment.

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